It's an absolute joy. Amazing quality build and incredible tones... love it!



Only the very best premium grade mahogany is selected for the JS junior. For extra resonance the body is constructed in two pieces (front and back) allowing the inside to be slightly chambered, while still maintaining a good balance on the strap (also available as a solid one piece body). The neck is beautifully shaped from quarter sawn mahogany, creating a very stable neck with a great feel. Rosewood is chosen for the fingerboard adding a warmth to the tone with each board being carefully selected for its rich, dark colour. A cherry tint is sprayed after applying the grain filler and sealer, then followed by many thin coats of clear cellulose lacquer. After a minimum of two weeks drying time the guitar is cut back to 800grit then 1200grit and finally polished to a high gloss achieving a classic deep vintage cherry finish. The TV yellow is achieved by applying a white base coat and then a cream tint before the clear coats. We also offer a low lustre finish for a more worn-in feel and appearance.

All hardware is high quality, and includes an ABM aluminium wraparound bridge with a perfect intonation curve and outstanding sound characteristics. The vintage style Kluson ‘Butterbean’ button tuners allow fine tuning and smooth operation. The guitar is fitted with two high quality RS Guitarworks 500k CTS pots with a Superpot for the volume both with very even tapers. A 50’s wiring scheme is used in all our guitars as we have found that it minimises treble loss when rolling back the volume.

A Bare Knuckle ‘Nantucket’ dogear P90 is fitted to capture the sound of those early SG and LP jr playing blues and rock guitarist. It can also produces a great country tele twang. The wide, squat coil creates a fatter tone compared to a Strat or Tele coil, while the twin magnet design lends all the power of a humbucker. Low notes are solid and tight while the upper mids really grind, but they never sound harsh; just fat and chunky. High notes can really sing and with a slightly breaking-up tube amp, wonderful harmonic feedback is possible. A touch sensitive dynamic and the ability to clean up well as the volume is backed off. The JS junior sounds and feels every bit as good as it looks.


Demonstration by Roy Fulton




BODY  Chambered two piece mahogany (or solid one piece body) 1.5" 38m

NECK  Mahogany, quarter sawn


FINGERBOARD  12" radius, dark rosewood / slightly rolled edges

NUT  43mm Bone

FRETS  22 Dunlop 6100 jumbo

MARKERS  Mother of pearl dots

TRUSS ROD  Adjustable double action


LOGO  Gold wetslide

HARDWARE  Nickel plated

BRIDGE  ABM aluminium wraparound bridge

TUNERS  Vintage style Kluson ‘Butterbean’

PICKUP  Bare Knuckle Dogear ‘Nantucket’ P90  DC 7.5   Magnet Alnico 5

CONTROLS  RS Guitarworks CTS 500k Superpot, CTS 500k tone

CAPACITOR  BKP Jensen paper in oil

FINISH  Nitrocellulose, high gloss or low lustre

COLOURS  Cherry red or TV yellow 

CASE  Hiscox hardshell


Fretwire, Neck dimensions, controls and pickup can all be specified