J25 Semi-Hollow Custom Build

“I have bought a Jon Case guitar and what did I get ?

I got an instrument built with knowledge, understanding and a great love of guitars, how else could there be such a range of tones, a range that you can move through so smoothly.

I got a guitar that sounds brilliant through a clean Fender Tweed and roars through a gritty tube Vox and when DI’d into a desk or DAW just sits so right whilst waiting for you to stop laughing at just how damn good it is.

I got a guitar that just invites me to play, everything is right all I have to do is play, moving around the fretboard is easier, plucking the strings seems easier ……….if I was a half decent guitarist it would seem to play itself and the more I play the more she gives

Should you look on instagram there she is, the photos don’t do her justice she is achingly beautiful, a work of art and craftsmanship, indeed I am a lucky man. (why do some guitars become she?)  

And when my time is done she will keep on giving for a hundred years or more, Cheap at twice the price really! So a massive “thanks” to Jon & Joseph not only craftsmen but gentlemen too…………….guys I salute you.”


J25 Semi-Hollow

“Got a chance to play it through my tweed - and wow, the bridge pickup is wonderful.  Super thick class A sound.  And the more I play it, the more I like the neck.  I think we really nailed it.

J3 Florentine Thinline

“We started our UK tour at the weekend to packed houses in Liverpool and Leeds and the Case guitar is now firmly established as my number one choice. Sounds great through the Divided by 13 and feels great to play also. Many thanks”
PAUL CARRACK - Singer/songwriter

J3 Florentine Thinline

“My Case J3 guitar is my go - to guitar for lots of different guitar styles -and particularly suits my Jazz and solo guitar gigs and recordings.
The tones are rich, beautiful and extremely musical- from warm jazz tones to biting country and rock and roll twang. 
The guitar is based on a 1956 225 - Jon's modified body shape makes this guitar even more comfortable to play (especially sitting down) than the Gibson. I felt very honoured that Jon was inspired by my music and my quest for an individual voice which led him to design the J3. 
I have used this guitar on many gigs and honestly I have had so many comments about how great the tone is -and the guitar looks stunning.”
RICHARD ROZZE - Guitarist & composer

JS Junior Vintage Series

“I’ve just got my hands on the guitar and just got to say it’s absolutely stunning! Thank you so much. You’ve really excelled yourself this time. Absolutely love it”
TIM MILLS - Founder of Bare Knuckle Pickups

J1 Classic (Ex demo)

“Thanks for the guitar it is truly the best guitar I have ever played. The action is perfect the balance excellent and the sound magnificent”

JV Carved top

"I want to say How happy I am with the guitar I think it’s fantastic I have had 2 days to play and had a go with the new guitar with the band and thoroughly enjoyed using it already and It fits like a glove... thank you very much indeed. It’s wonderful"

JB Bass

I first experienced the high quality and craftsmanship of Jon's guitars when I purchased a J1 22R, it was a stunner, amazing tone pallet and playability. So when it came to a special occasion in my life, I wanted to mark it with a custom bass from Jon.

Jon Case’ JB 4 string design was perfect for me and we discussed the materials, finishes, EQ, PU's etc... as you can see another stunner with a huge sound range and effortless to play... I am very impressed with the quality and finish...it draws a crowed at gig's... thank you, Jon

RFJ1 Goldtop

I’ve been playing my ‘signature’ RFJ1 by Case Guitars for eight years now. I’m partial to Goldtops and I love the ‘Stormy Mondays’ by Bare Knuckle Pickups so I like to think of this as my ‘Fillmore East’ guitar, although it’s capable of so much more! It’s a stunning piece of craftsmanship by Jon Case and it continues to amaze and inspire me every time I open the case.


J3 Florentine semi-hollow

“My Case J3 is just such an incredible instrument, it’s so inspiring to play, this guitar is fast becoming my number 1!”
DUDLEY ROSS - Guitarist and composer


 APJT Thinline

"Fabulous retro yet modern look. Very cool!”
ANDY POWELL - Wishbone Ash



"It's an absolute joy.  Amazing quality build and incredible tones ... love it!"
ROY FULTON - Guitarist



"I'm really chuffed with it. Thinking about asking Jon to make me another instrument. His guitars are so good"
MATT CHANDLER - Jazz guitarist and composer



"Hi Jon have done an A/B comparison between the J1 Special and my '59 Les Paul and in a blind test you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. The J1 has Bare knuckle Stormy Mondays and the '59 has Bare knuckle Mules. The only difference is I think the J1 special in neck position is slightly more articulate"


J1 CLASSIC (Ex demo)

"The J1 Classic that I bought from you, and have now gigged, is an outstanding instrument in all respects. It does everything I need a guitar to do, has a great Les Paul DNA and lots more besides. Intonation and action are perfect for me, as my style requires me to use the whole fretboard - just can’t put it down!! Many thanks"


J1 SPECIAL Vintage Series

"Jon's take on my vintage favourites.... late fifties Les Paul Junior and mid-fifties Les Paul Black Beauty, re-interpreted and re-mastered to satisfy my jumbled guitar lust! A truly remarkable guitar"



"All of your guitars are gems! I love the J1 for the pure fatness of the tone, the weight, the chunky heavy feel and sustain. I've been playing the J3 for a week now and I can't put it down, it does everything I want a guitar to do, inspires me to play better and sounds incredible"
JAMIE WOON - Singer/songwriter


"I love the neck profile... a very toneful instrument and using both pickups in the middle position produces a wide array of tones depending on how I balance the pickups volumes... Its a work of art"  
ANDY POWELL - Wishbone Ash



"The bass was in my face and the highs made my nature rise" 
SKIP McDONALD - Little Axe



"The most inspiring guitars I've seen in years"
MAXI JAZZ - Faithless



"A work of art and it sounds great. Wide tonal palette. Might take some of my acoustic numbers in a slightly different direction. Cracking blues sounds too. Magic. The customised neck feels like an old friend already"

RFJ1 GOLD TOP Roy Fulton signature model

"Absolutely beautiful sound...   the guitar was SINGING"!
ROY FULTON royfulton



"From the first sight and play I knew it was a very classy instrument and so easy to play - I used it the day after delivery at a gig"



"I honestly couldn't be happier with the guitar. With the amp cranked right up and the guitar sounded absolutely fantastic!"



"Well have spent a bit more time with the J1'59 now and I have to say that did not think I would put the Strat down but it has not really had a look in recently. The J1 is just so easy to play, the neck is really comfortable and the notes just ring out, I have never spent too much time up at the dusty end but this is just as clear as a bell up there and the notes ring out everywhere you just want to hang onto them. The Stormy Mondays are a perfect fit once you get tuned into them and what they can do especially with both on and just rolling back the vol on the bridge the vocal clarity comes through. I am sure I will get back to the strat because it is just so good but the J1 is a real go to guitar.  Dammed impressive".



"Jon, it's absolutely gorgeous and looks exactly as I wanted ! You are a great builder and the equal of any of the US builders... I love it. So glad it all worked out".


J1' 57 GOLDTOP Vintage Series

"I had the J1'57 Goldtop down to play 3 songs at the show on Saturday... 6 songs later I still hadn't changed guitars! After the gig everyone was asking about the guitar and saying how great it sounded. OMG what have you created this time! It's  monster. What a tone and blimey it's so easy to play - that neck spec is absolute perfection, it almost plays itself. I absolutely love it"!!
TIM MILLS - Founder of Bare Knuckle Pickups bareknucklebluesband



"I loved the feel of the J3 as soon as I played it. The neck seems perfect and the tone and volume are so even across the strings. It has great dynamics, which is perfect for the way I play. An amazing guitar"!
PHIL ROBSON - Jazz guitarist and composer philrobson



I took my J3 to Auden Guitars in Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire to test it on a dedicated acoustic amplifier. I coupled it with the Schertler Unico Deluxe 280W monster and it was a combination made in heaven. As a credit to Jon, the Head Luthier – Rob - called the others to look at the J3, and listen to its tone. He described it as something which was made by a Master Craftsman; that is simply what Jon Case is. I felt blessed to be able to own such an instrument.


J1'59 BURST Vintage Series

"Stunning Jon, that's all there is to it. You've raised the bar in terms of quality and tone so much so that I think there's few that can touch you now. The J1'59 balances perfectly on the strap and optimises the playing angle for the neck with access being virtually flawless. Combining that beautiful neck profile and heel with the large frets makes for a playing experience second to none. The guitar speaks through you and translates every nuance of your playing in such an exact and precise way it literally sings".
TIM MILLS - Founder of Bare Knuckle Pickups bareknucklebluesband



"My new APJ1 Case guitar is a gem and features two Andreas Kloppmann vintage, transparent and dynamic sounding, PAF style pick-ups with the Andy Powell 'beef' spec on the bridge pick up. The trem has been modded with the Easy Mute trem arm (easy access for muting plus absolutely no trem wobble). The finish is nitro cellulose - warm and cosy to the touch and eye. The top is an awesome piece of quilted maple. Back and neck Honduras mahogany. The nut is graphite. Tuners: Sperzel locking. Frets: Dunlop 6000 and fingerboard ebony. The piezzo system is L.R. Baggs and the truss rod is a two way adjustment.

This guitar is a beautiful looker - almost feminine in shape. Jon, who is a designer by profession, first of drew the Les Paul influenced shape by hand. It's off set which gives it this fluid look. He then tried to replicate it's shape on the computer but it didn't work so the original lines are what he stayed with. To my eyes and after wearing the guitar on my shoulder, it feels amazing. The neck joint runs through the chambered body - I forgot to mention that crucial design element.

It's tough to update these classic styles but I believe Jon has pulled it off. We see this working in car designs these days, but it takes real confidence to do this with guitars and to actually pull it off. 

Fans will be able to see and hear it in action during the upcoming October tour. It makes me very proud to be able to feature these superbly hand made British instruments in the band". Thanks Jon!

ANDY POWELL - Wishbone Ash wishboneash.com



"The J2 Double Cutaway is flawless in my opinion. The weight is perfect making the guitar extremely well balanced. Like all Jon's guitars the string length is so accurate that playing close voicings, incorporating open strings up and above the 15th fret is impeccable. The Bare Knuckle 'Rebel yell' pickups sound superb. The growl of the bridge will make any Marshall rumble and you can get anything from a dark round sound to a bright Hendrix tone on the front. The Pigtail aluminium bridge gives the guitar an incredible light touch and breathtaking tone, simply playing the string acoustically indicates how fantastic the guitar will sound amplified. Jon has made the size and depth ideal and with a rosewood fingerboard and jumbo frets it is incredible responsive making every note ring beautifully. If it's blistering lines or delicate chord voicings, funk rhythms or driving riffs this guitar will cover them all effortlessly, superb instrument".
SIMON GOLDING - Jazz fusion guitarist and composer