Lefty JS Junior Vintage Series

Completed for guitarist Phil Hunt who plays left handed guitar but with right hand stringing. Phil also specified left handed controls. This JS has a low lustre crazed lacquer finish with aged nickel hardware.


Case Guitars Chosen for Squarespace Promotion

Posters have been spotted in London and New York!

Featured is the Ebony guitar from our J1 series

Holy Grail Guitar Show - Berlin 2018

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work and meet some incredible luthiers.  I was assisted on the stand by son (and guitar builder) Joseph Case.  Here is a snapshot of the weekend ...

"Fabulous retro yet modern look. Very cool!" - Andy Powell

Andy Powell from the band ‘Wishbone Ash’ has commissioned a new Tele® inspired guitar.

Andy wanted a guitar to sound like his cherished '52 Tele® but with the appearance of a semi-hollow thinline. Using quality swamp ash and maple, with traditional construction methods, To achieve the sound Andy was after, I had to keep the body as solid as possible and would have to select a light piece of swamp ash. Also, the cavity beneath the f hole would have to be kept to a minimum.

After preparing visuals for Andy to consider, tweaks were made and the final design was approved. With the full size plans drawn and routing templates cut, the build is now proceeding.

The totally new model will be named the APJT Thinline and will feature a Babicz Full Contact Hardware Tele® bridge and Bare Knuckle single coil pickups from their Blackguard Tele® series range with a Flat '50 in the bridge and Flat '52 in the neck position.